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African Arts and Crafts Gallery African art shop sells items from the Afro-Asian Heritage Museum

African art shop sells items from the Afro-Asian Heritage Museum

A shop in south Africa selling items from Afroasian heritage museums has sold items that are said to be of Asian heritage.

The Afro Asiatic Art Gallery, located at the Africans Museum of Art in Pretoria, is run by a group of students from a local university and has been selling items in its stock for several years.

The items include jewellery and figurines, as well as artworks, photographs and other items of African heritage, said AfroAsiaticArt Gallery director of sales and marketing Anja Pfeiffer.

She added that the items were sold to a limited number of customers, although the company did not identify the customers.

“We have about 40 or 50 customers,” she told AFP news agency.

“They are mainly young women, so they come here to shop for jewellery.”

They also come for the photographs, but also for the sculptures and paintings and some paintings as well.

“Pfeiffers said the store was able to get some of the items to auction, but the majority were only for sale as “goody bags”.

The Afronasian Heritage Museum of Arts is part of a network of museums in South Africa.

It was established in 1972 and focuses on African art and history.

The collection includes paintings, sculptures, paintings, furniture and paintings of Afroasiatic and Afrocentric culture.

In the early 1900s, AfroAra was an area in the eastern Cape province where Afro and Afrikaans are spoken and the Afrikaner community was founded.

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