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African Arts and Crafts News What are the best e-tailers for you?

What are the best e-tailers for you?

Google is looking for a new e-mail account manager and the job posting says it’s for the team who is responsible for handling email.

It is not clear what that means for the people at the e-shop.

The search giant said the job is “highly competitive”, and “requires a great deal of initiative and commitment”.

The e-store job posting also says the position is a “senior role” and requires “a great deal more of leadership” and “a deep understanding of e-shopping”.

Google did not respond to a request for comment.

E-commerce companies are expected to continue to focus on growth at the retail level in the face of rising competition from e-fridges, Amazon and Walmart.

In December, the head of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, told investors that the ecommerce giant is “working on the next level” for e-stores, but the company did not elaborate.

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