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African Arts and Crafts About us When you can’t afford a piece of art, go to Africa and buy it for a fraction of the price

When you can’t afford a piece of art, go to Africa and buy it for a fraction of the price

If you’ve been paying attention to Africa’s arts scene in recent years, you might be thinking “I’d love to have some piece of African art.”

Well, this is exactly the sort of opportunity that the Africa Arts and Craft Festival is giving you!

The Festival is a three-day showcase of the African art and craft scene and is being held in the city of Johannesburg from February 21-23.

The theme for this year is “African Art” and is about showcasing the unique cultures, traditions, and craftspeople of the continent.

You can visit the main exhibit in the main hall and explore exhibits inside and outside the main galleries, where you’ll find everything from jewelry to handcrafted baskets.

If you want to see what African art is all about, then the Festival is definitely for you. 

For those who are new to Africa, the festival is a unique opportunity to discover what is happening in Africa and share some of your art with the people of Africa.

The event also offers the opportunity to meet local artists who will be giving you a taste of their work.

This is something that is truly unique to South Africa.

There is also a large amount of cultural activities taking place at the festival.

In addition to the traditional music performances and arts and crafts activities, the African Festival has a large variety of other events happening, from workshops to exhibitions to exhibitions and more. 

“The Festival is about creating a more authentic African experience through art and culture.

There’s something for everyone, from traditional music, traditional dance, traditional singing, to the arts and craft, so you don’t need to know a whole bunch of African words to get started.” says Marjorie Sallum, who is organizing the African Arts Festival. 

Sallum adds that there is a lot to be excited about for this festival and that is the chance to meet with local artists, to learn more about what is going on in the country, and to meet other people who share your interest in art and design. 

The Festival was founded by the South African African Government in 2012 and is currently celebrating its 12th year.

The first ever African Arts and Design Festival was held in 2003 and in the years since, the Festival has been expanding its focus to include more diverse artists and to promote the country’s cultural heritage. 

To find out more about the African Art and Craft Show, head over to this website. 

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