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Black and white african art store to open in Australia

Black and White African Art Store (BASA) will open in Sydney’s CBD in the coming weeks, according to the owner.

The art store is a partnership between the Black and Whites Collective and The Artist’s Project, and will open next month.

BASA will be located at the intersection of King St and St James Sts in the CBD, with a full bar and food courts on site.

The store will be a mixed-use space with a wide range of exhibitions, as well as live music and other events.

It will feature a wide selection of artworks, including traditional African artworks.

The Black and Whiteness Collective is a community-driven movement to encourage the sharing of art, music, art, crafts and culture across the racial and cultural boundaries of Australia.

It’s also a national fundraising initiative that is open to everyone regardless of ethnicity, heritage, sexuality, gender identity or disability.

The Collective has already raised $10,000 for the Black Lives Matter movement through an online fundraiser.

The project’s founder, Tawana Black, is the author of the book, White Girl Dangerous, and the award-winning artist who created the artwork featured on the cover of the magazine.

Black said she was excited to see the Black & White African Arts Store open up in Sydney and was looking forward to working with The Artist the group behind the store.

She said it was important for people of colour to have access to arts and culture in Australia, as this is where so many of us grow up.

“I wanted to share this project with as many people as possible, to give back and inspire the next generation,” Black said.

Black and the group have raised a total of $25,000 through their Indiegogo campaign.

Black added that she was not aware of the project being open to all people of color.

“If you’re from a different racial background, ethnicity, you may not have access.

If you’re in a position where you can’t do that, that’s great,” she said.

The group also has a Facebook page, which has over 9,500 members, with more than 100 posts on the subject.

In the past, the group has shared its artwork on the black art world, including its recent work, “Tawana’s New World,” which depicts the black woman’s mother, Toto, as a white woman in a white dress.

In addition, Black said the group had received positive feedback from people of all races who wanted to show their support for the project.

The Art of Black and African Art is a collaboration between Black and The Art Project, which was launched in 2010.

It aims to provide an inclusive environment where artists can express their creativity and share their stories.

The AFRICASTRACTORS project has supported the art project for four years.

“Our main aim is to provide opportunities for African artists and artists from across Australia to share their work and share our vision,” Black told the ABC.

“We hope that this collaboration with the artist and The AFI can help to create a more vibrant art scene in Sydney.”


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