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African Arts and Crafts About us Africrafts celebrates Africa’s 100th birthday

Africrafts celebrates Africa’s 100th birthday

AFRICA’S 100TH BIRTHDAY OF ANIMAL FARMS was celebrated in Botswana’s capital city on Saturday.

Africas 100th Birthday Celebrations: AFRICAS NEW FEDERAL FUND BORN IN BOTSWANA AFRICS FIRST FEDERATION TO FORM A FUND FOR ANIMALSFRIENDLY ANIMA SAWES BAN ON BOTH OF THE CITIZENS’ SIDES”In the beginning, there was only one country, the United States of America.

And that country didn’t care about the animals.

I don’t think that we will ever care about animals again,” President Muhammadu Buhari told reporters in a video message.

He also announced that the country would set up a fund to provide loans for the rearing of animals.

In a ceremony on Saturday, Buhadi congratulated the Botswana government and the Botswanese people for the success of the country’s new animal welfare and conservation policy, known as the “Fisheries and Fisheries Development Program.”

The announcement came days after Botswana announced a ban on the import of ivory from China.

China has been accused of being the world’s largest consumer of African wildlife.

Botswana, however, has said that it would be taking a tough stance against poaching.

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