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African Arts and Crafts Gallery Aussie artist takes pride in creating ‘art’ that has no borders

Aussie artist takes pride in creating ‘art’ that has no borders

Australia’s most famous African artist has taken pride in his work that can be seen across the continent.

Dr Zulu Kwanzia Mkhwedi, a retired teacher who lives in New South Wales, started his own museum in Sydney to celebrate African art.

“It is my passion, but I don’t think I could do this without the support of the public,” Mr Mkhwanzi said.

“There is an art-free continent and I wanted to create something that has a strong connection to the continent.”

He hopes the exhibition will raise awareness of his work.

“I think it’s important to show how far the African continent has come, especially in terms of art,” he said.”[I hope] people see how far we have come.”

Dr Mkhwaisi is one of several artists to create art in the African diaspora, who have a strong relationship with the continent and its people.

In recent years, African art has been taking off in Asia and Europe.

“When I was growing up in Nigeria, I remember my father, a fisherman, making fish for us,” Dr Mkhwana told the ABC.

“And now I am thinking of him making a living making fish at home.”

The exhibit is being shown in Sydney from April 18 to April 20.

“He is doing something really good with his art,” Dr Zulu said.

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