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When a rapper gets hit by a car

E-commerce giant Shopify is planning to launch a new product in the coming weeks aimed at helping users shop faster. 

“We are launching an e-shop app in partnership with the major e-tailer

We will be launching an app for all major brands and we are targeting 100 million active users,” Shopify CEO Joe Buck said in a statement. 

In a similar move, Google recently announced that it would allow merchants to integrate Google Play Games with their e-Commerce offerings. 

The move has been hailed by retailers as a positive step in the battle to bring the big brands to e-stores. 

Shopify is one of several e-retailers, including Amazon and eBay, to make such moves. 

Google also recently announced plans to integrate Android games in its store. 

A similar move is also in the works for Amazon Prime members. 

Last week, Apple added Amazon’s Alexa assistant to the Apple TV. 

At the same time, Google is reportedly working on a new app to offer more personalised recommendations to shoppers.

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