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African Arts and Crafts News ‘A Tale of Two Cities’: What we learned from ‘A Day at the Races’

‘A Tale of Two Cities’: What we learned from ‘A Day at the Races’

The race is over.

You’ve done it.


You’ve won the race!

Your day at the races is over and you’ve got your first paycheck in hand.

You’re celebrating.

The race itself was a long and grueling affair.

It was a battle between the forces of good and evil.

And if you were one of the lucky winners, you had to endure the aftermath for two years.

For the rest of us, though, we had a pretty great time.

You got to go home with the best gear, you got to eat delicious food, you can spend the night in your own home, and you get to enjoy the beautiful city that was Atlanta.

And then there were the stories.

You were part of a small group of people who came together and created a world that we all know and love today.

We know a lot of the stories and the places you visited that are still there.

Here are the best stories we could find.

You can check out the full list of winners at our “A Day in the Race” article.

We hope you enjoyed our journey through Atlanta, Georgia, Atlanta, Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, and the Georgia Panhandle.

If you want to learn more about the history and culture of this city, we have some great resources here.

We’d love to hear your stories!

If you have any other great stories or photos, share them with us in the comments.

You might even get a chance to be featured in a future episode.

We love to read all of your ideas, so check out what we wrote below.

We want to hear what you think.

Let us know what you’re most excited about, and share your own favorites.

If we didn’t hear from you, feel free to send us an email or send us a tweet using #adayattheraces.

We’re always looking for more Atlanta stories, and we’ll be bringing you more in the coming months.

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