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Afro-Brazilian fashion store, Afro, closes after one year

The Afro store in São Paulo, Brazil, has been closed for one year due to poor sales and an ongoing investigation into the company.

The owner, Ricardo Silva, told reporters the business would reopen in August, the BBC reported.

The Afros store is a popular destination for tourists from Africa.

The store, located in a favela in the favelas of the capital, Rio de Janeiro, sold a record 1,874 garments in 2016, according to Afros online store.

A spokesman for the Afros company said on Twitter: “We are extremely sorry for the poor performance of our business in 2016.”

He also said that the store would reopen after the investigation was over.

A spokesperson for the city of Rio de Sao Paulo confirmed to the Associated Press that the Afro business had been closed.

The city’s mayor, Joao Goulart, told the AFP news agency the store had been operating for two years.

“The Afro brand is not a brand that has been associated with violence or with terrorism,” he said.

“It has been a positive business for the residents of Rio.”

Afros is the official name for the local clothing retailer in Brazil, and it has been the subject of a number of scandals in recent years.

In 2015, a Brazilian court sentenced the store’s owner, Eduardo Santos, to three years in prison for embezzlement and fraud after a lawsuit was filed accusing him of siphoning off more than $300,000 from a fund intended to provide clothes to disadvantaged students in his community.

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