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Africa’s largest art market has opened for business

Africa’s largest African art market opened its doors today for the first time in a decade.

A new market called the Africa Art Market is opening in Durban, South Africa.

The market will offer a wide range of artists’ works, from African artists to international art collectors, and a number of vendors.

The market is the largest art gallery in Africa and the world.

The markets main goal is to provide an environment for African artists who are currently out of the country to find new work and to promote their works.

The artists at the market have been asked to bring their art to the city in order to attract a larger audience, said Mr. Robert Naidoo, owner of the market.

The African Art Market will be located in the former Koppel Park, which is owned by the Durban International Business Center.

It was originally designed by British architect Edward Johnston in the 1950s, but it has since been modified by architects, with a new building built in 1972.

The area is now a park and is surrounded by nature.

The area will host art exhibitions every Saturday from May 16-21.

A free food service will be provided by the African Arts Market, which will include breakfast, lunch, dinner and more.

The Durban Art Market has been a popular destination for African art since it opened in 2000.

It is known for its unique exhibitions, ranging from African painting, music, and dance to contemporary art, architecture and architecture design.

The African Art Markets main purpose is to bring African artists, collectors, artists’ designers and collectors to Durban to showcase their works, Naidoos marketing manager for Africa, said.

He said the artists will be encouraged to bring works from their own countries or to their local art centers.

The Afro-Africa Art Market was designed by former British architect Norman Foster and opened in London in 2003.

It has since expanded to include five markets in South Africa and six in South America.

The second market, which was launched in December, has been the largest African market in the world to date.

The Afro Africa Art Markets first exhibition will be in Durben in 2019.

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