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African Arts and Crafts News How to be a viral star in Africa: ‘You can make a difference’

How to be a viral star in Africa: ‘You can make a difference’

We’ve seen a lot of amazing entrepreneurs in Africa over the past decade.

Here are a few examples.

| Getty Images | Getty 1 of 12 Business Insider’s Scott Hensley and Alisha J. Karpov discuss the next steps in Africa, as well as the growing number of African-American entrepreneurs and business owners.

| Courtesy Scott Hinsley and Alison Karpovsky/Business Insider2 of 12 Alisha Karpowski is the founder and CEO of Blue Apron, a food delivery startup that has been featured on Business Insider and

She also founded the nonprofit African Business Initiative and founded the Africa-Africa Alliance to End Poverty, which was recently named the #1 nonprofit in Africa.3 of 12 The African American Entrepreneurs Alliance’s mission is to create a positive ecosystem that brings together people from diverse backgrounds, including entrepreneurs, community leaders, and community leaders who want to create and foster a more inclusive economy.

| The African African Entrepreneurs Association/Instagram4 of 12 In 2017, Blue Aprons viral success helped spur the formation of the African American Venture Capital Fund, a national, non-profit organization of African Americans, with offices in Los Angeles, New York, and Washington D.C.5 of 12 Karpowks’ startup is called Afreak, which stands for “Africa for a Cause.”

In 2017 Afreaks mission is “to transform our communities and communities’ lives to make Africa a more equal place for all Africans.”6 of 12 “Afreaks Mission Statement” is: “To create a more equitable, inclusive and inclusive African-Africans economy through entrepreneurship and the building of a sustainable, sustainable and sustainable Black-owned, Black-led, African-owned and African-inspired economic ecosystem.”7 of 12 Africa’s African American entrepreneurs and businesses have launched hundreds of companies over the last decade, according to an analysis by the Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of California at Davis.

| Center for Enterprise and Innovation 8 of 12 Alyssa Lee, a co-founder and CEO at Blue Apront, said that she and her colleagues were inspired to start Blue Aprono after seeing a news report about the country’s economy and government policies.9 of 12 Blue Apronte CEO Alisha Karpowsky, left, with the founders of African Business Institute, an African-African venture capital organization, and the African-Americas Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which focuses on the region.

| Facebook | Instagram 10 of 12 African-Americans have an estimated annual revenue of $17.5 billion, according the African Black Entrepreneurs Initiative.

| Wikimedia11 of 12 South Africa’s National Commission for the Advancement of the People of African Ancestors, which includes Black African, African American, and African American-related businesses, is one of the fastest growing in Africa and was named “Most Innovative Entrepreneurs of 2017.”

| Rajiv/Flickr.com12 of 12 There are currently over 7,000 African American businesses in the United States, according a study by the African Growth and Opportunity Project.

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