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African Arts and Crafts Gallery The Art and Craft Store’s Africa series will feature a few of Africa’s most famous African artists on the cover

The Art and Craft Store’s Africa series will feature a few of Africa’s most famous African artists on the cover

The Art & Crafts store will debut a new African art exhibit in its store, as the art and crafts store’s Africa Series continues.

The new Africa exhibition will feature art by three artists: Yvette Rios, the renowned Afro-Caribbean artist, and Adi Breslau, the internationally acclaimed Afro contemporary painter and sculptor.

“We have a wide range of African art,” Africas Art &crafts Co-Founder and Co-Chairman Yvette G. Rios told EW.

“Africas is a great place to discover and experience African art.

It’s a place where you can discover all kinds of art.

We wanted to do something to help our African community, to share our stories, our passion for African art and to provide a place to buy art.”

The exhibit, called “The Africans Story,” will be on display in the store from July 8-10, with the opening on July 11.

“The African story is one of African resilience, resilience to change, resilience and creativity,” Rios said.

“Our store will show the African people’s story through our art and craft and the art in our store will reflect that story.”

Rios and Breslamau said they hope that the new exhibit will help African artists in their communities find and create their own stories.

“As an African artist, we have a deep love for our country, but also a deep appreciation for the art world,” Breslavau said.

He continued, “We are deeply invested in the African story and our community.

It is an important story to tell.”

Roesi said that the African artists are all highly talented and passionate about their art, and that they hope the exhibition will help inspire them to continue to do so.

“They are doing extraordinary things with their art,” Roesis said.

Breslaguau said that they are looking forward to continuing to share the story of Africa through their art.

“I’m excited to continue the story, to continue learning from them and share their work with the world,” he said.

Roesio said that she and her husband, Yvette Breslos, “are very proud to have been selected as the recipients of the ‘Africans’ Award from the Afroprom Foundation for the Art & Culture in Africa Series.”

Roses and Broslau said in an interview that the family is hoping that the exhibition and the African artists’ stories can inspire others to keep their work alive and to pursue it.

“What we want to share is that we love African culture, we love our culture, and we love the people of Africa,” Roses said.


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