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Blackberry: More than just a messaging app, Blackberry is also a brand ambassador for Africa

BLACKBRIE, Ohio–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Blackberry today announced that the company is now a brand Ambassador for African Arts.

In its most recent fiscal year, BlackBerry was ranked fifth among the top five digital media companies by ad revenue, with more than $1.2 billion in revenue.

This marks Blackberry’s sixth consecutive year of being a brand ambassadors for Africa.

The Blackberry brand ambassador position is created through a partnership with African African Arts and Arts & Design, the leading African art gallery in the United States.

In partnership with the African Art Center in the U.S., Blackberry offers Blackberry Arts+ a comprehensive array of exhibitions, educational experiences and educational programs, as well as a portfolio of branded content to connect and inspire audiences across the continent.

In addition to the Blackberry branded content, the Blackberries brand ambassadorships will include the following key initiatives:Advertising, Digital Marketing, Marketing and Business Development.

The Blackberry brands ambassador position will help bring more attention to Blackberry and its products and services, expand Blackberrys reach across the globe and create awareness and engagement.

“We’re excited to partner with African Arts & Development, one of the most innovative and influential art galleries in the world,” said Tony Lee, CEO of Blackberry.

“Through the Black Arts & Designs brand ambassador program, Black and Brown communities will be able to connect directly with their favorite brands and engage with our brands ambassadors through our extensive portfolio of content, which has been recognized across the world.”

In addition, Black Arts+ is expanding its brand ambassador portfolio with an ambitious initiative that is designed to bring the Black Bamboo brand to more African nations.

The initiative will include a brand and marketing collaboration with the World Bank, the Ujwal Agency, the United Nations Development Program, the African Development Bank, and the United Nation Development Programme (UNDP).

“We’re thrilled to partner Black Bambino with the Black Bank, which provides financial support to the African Arts Program and to the United National Development Programme to build an inclusive economy for African countries,” said Mark Njakombe, President and CEO of African Arts+.

“With its deep understanding of Africa, the bank is positioned to partner in a way that we believe is the most effective way to bring more people to Africa and connect them to our brand.”

The partnership between the World Banks and the African Alliance for Democracy, the main African institution focused on African economic development, will create an environment in which the brands brands will be a key platform for building trust and respect between African communities and the brands.

“The partnership is a testament to the value of the partnership between Black Bamba and the Black Banks, which is not only about creating a business model for BlackBamba but also to create a brand identity that resonates with African audiences and African governments,” said Chris Sze, Executive Vice President and Head of African Business at BlackBambino.

“Our brands are the ones that are going to give BlackBamboo the power to connect with people across Africa and across time.

We want to connect people across time with the brands that make up the BlackBambo brand, which will connect people with the brand that makes up BlackBonda.”

The BlackBonds brand ambassador is the first time that Black Bumbos brand ambassador role has been created at a company.

The partnership is also the first of its kind at a brand.

In the past, the company has worked with leading brands including Nike, Levi’s, and Nike+ among others.

The partnership with Black Bonds marks the first in a series of collaborations that will bring Black Bambo to new markets across Africa.

In October, the brand is expected to launch in Botswana, Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

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