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African Arts and Crafts Gallery Africana stores up on new stock amid rising demand for Africa products

Africana stores up on new stock amid rising demand for Africa products

Africano-based African Food and Farm (AFF) has seen its stock increase by around 1.5 per cent as demand for its fresh fruits and vegetables surged in the wake of a surge in the country’s Ebola outbreak.

The company’s shares rose by 4.2 per cent to 7.9 million euros in afternoon trade on the Paris stock exchange.

The stock was trading at 10.56 euros in early trading on Tuesday.

The increase in demand comes amid a surge of demand for Afrias goods as the world is trying to control the spread of the virus in Africa.

Afriaco has seen the number of orders for its fruits and vegetable items increase by a staggering 9.2 million in the last 24 hours, up from around 6.4 million orders in the same period a week ago.

The spike in demand is driven by a surge by shoppers in the affected countries in terms of buying and selling items, including the Ebola virus vaccine.

While demand is still limited in some parts of Africa, it is expected to pick up in coming days.

The market has also seen a surge on demand for products from the region.

The number of requests for Afriaas products increased by a whopping 1.8 million, with the largest increase occurring in Senegal.

Africa’s biggest fruit and vegetable seller, Afriano, also reported that it had been the first retailer to announce plans to expand its market in the West African country.

Its products are being increasingly sold in Europe, South America, Asia and Africa, and it is also making announcements in other markets.

The firm said it was taking measures to increase the reach of its products in markets in Europe and the United States.

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