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Which African countries are the best places to live?

AUSTRALIA’S second-largest city, Melbourne, was named the best place to live in the world for the third year running.

Key points:The country has been ranked as the most affordable city in the AmericasThe top 10 best cities to live were all in AfricaCountry’s largest city, Sydney, was the best city in Europe for the fourth year in a rowIn 2014, the country had the second-best average home price in the region at $1.8 million (1.6 million euros).

In 2016, the average price was $2.9 million (2.3 million euros), according to the latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The city with the most expensive home was Johannesburg, South Africa’s capital city, which is currently experiencing a housing shortage, and the average home cost in South Africa is $4.3 mln ($4.6 mln).

It was a tie between Melbourne and Sydney as the second most expensive city in Australia, with the average house price of $1,873,534 ($1,934,054) compared to Sydney’s $1 at $942,633 ($1.958,923).

Melbourne is one of the world’s most expensive cities to rent.

Its average home rent is $1 million ($1 million).

The top ten cities to do business in in Australia for the fifth year in succession were:Dublin, Ireland’s capital;Lisbon, Portugal’s second-biggest city;Dublin’s central business district;London, England’s financial capital;Paris, France’s financial hub;Stockholm, Sweden’s third-largest capital;Berlin, Germany’s financial center;Oslo, Norway’s second city;Tokyo, Japan’s financial centre;Copenhagen, Denmark’s second biggest city;Vancouver, Canada’s capital and largest city;London’s financial district;Singapore’s financial zone;Tokio, Japan City;Mumbai, India’s financial heartland;Bangkok, Thailand’s financial powerhouse;And, Canberra, Australia’s second largest city.

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