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The latest news on the African economy

The African Union is preparing to announce a series of reforms aimed at cutting corruption and fostering economic growth.

A series of announcements is expected on Friday, including a proposal for a national currency, which would be the first such move since the bloc’s inception in 1994.

The announcement comes as the bloc has faced criticism for its inability to address the corruption and lack of transparency that plague many of the African countries that make up the AU.

The news came as the African Union held its annual meeting, a summit that aims to bring together more than 150 African countries.

The agenda includes economic reforms, which will be discussed by a group of African leaders, with the aim of creating a more cohesive African economy.

The AU currently holds five ministers, but its presidency will be abolished in 2018, following the resignation of AU President Amadou Toumani Toure in February.

The country has been mired in political turmoil since it was founded in 1993.

President Amadous Toure, who resigned on February 12, said he had no plans to resign following his resignation, which is in protest against the AU’s anti-corruption laws.

The country has also been embroiled in civil war.

Since the announcement, the AU has been plagued by criticism for being unable to provide adequate services and has failed to address major issues like corruption, inequality, and inequality.

A former French ambassador to the African continent, Pascal Gautier, resigned last month, saying the AU is not a functioning body, and that its lack of accountability, and its lack the ability to hold its leaders accountable, are factors in its crisis.

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