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Africa crafts a win for Trump in South Africa

South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma on Thursday hailed a U.S. victory in the country’s election and promised a new era of partnership.

Zuma’s victory in South African elections last year helped push President Donald Trump to take office, with his populist message that has resonated across the continent.

In a tweet, Trump praised the South African election as a victory for “African American democracy and the African people.”

Trump’s administration has also worked to reverse an economic slowdown in the African nation, with a focus on infrastructure, education and healthcare.

Zuma has also called for the reopening of the border with Botswana.

He also announced that his government would invest $30 million in the development of Botswana’s mining industry.

Trump, who was inaugurated in January, has often criticized the U.N. human rights agency, the U, for not holding Zimbabwe accountable for human rights abuses.

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