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Africraft store to reopen after being closed for nearly four months due to a virus outbreak

The Africasftafrica, a clothing retailer that was closed for over a year after contracting a virus, is to reopen this week after the health authorities in Ghana reopened its doors to the public.

The company, based in Kebali, said the new owners, who had already sold the shop to a private buyer, had already been able to establish a business and were ready to open the store again.

“We have already reopened and will open again at the beginning of March,” the company’s chief executive, Dabu Nyongo, said on Wednesday.

He said the company was currently in discussions with health authorities to get the business up and running again.

But the new owner of the business, Nana Nyengo, told the BBC that the closure was the reason behind the delay in its reopening.

He had planned to open up on Friday after a two-week break, but the government told him that was not possible because of the Ebola outbreak.

He was also told that the store would reopen at the end of March.

“The government has not allowed us to reopen,” Nyenga told the ABC.

“It is not possible.”

The chain’s store in Kepolo, in the central African country of Guinea, was closed in December.

The outbreak started in the Democratic Republic of Congo in December, and was traced to the company.

A health worker infected with Ebola died at the company, and at least four people have died.

The firm’s store was not the only one closed by the Ebola virus, which killed about 4,000 people in Guinea in the first half of 2016.

On March 1, a worker at the shop in Kibongwa, the capital of Guinea’s west, died from the virus after contracting the virus at a local store.

Health authorities in Guinea, the Democratic Territory of the Congo, Gabon and Sierra Leone said they were still working on the outbreak and the health of the workers who were infected.

The new owner said the outbreak had not affected his decision to close the store.

“Our employees and customers are not affected by the closure of our shop.

It’s just the weather,” Nyongo said.

The Ebola outbreak has killed more than 11,300 people in the three countries.

It has forced the closure or relocation of at least half a million people, and forced thousands to leave their homes.

In Liberia, a UN-backed coalition has been fighting to contain the outbreak, which is spread by close contact with people who have contracted the virus.

The United Nations declared a state of emergency in the country on Monday after an outbreak in a remote forest in the capital, Monrovia, forced authorities to step up surveillance.

The UN has said the number of confirmed cases is rising and that more than 2,000 cases have been reported since March.

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