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African Arts and Crafts Gallery When the next generation of games comes out?

When the next generation of games comes out?

FourFourSeconds ago, we reported that a game called AfricraftStore was in development.

It’s the latest title from a small developer called the AfricCraft Team.

The game is a platformer about mining gold and collecting resources.

It was initially called The Africoader, and you can find a video of it on its official site.

But after a couple of months of development, the game is now called The Gold Digger.

The name was picked up by The AfrikanerGames blog, which explained that The Golddigger is the result of a collaborative effort between the team, the publisher, and a number of partners.

It sounds like the game will feature a lot of mining and mining-related action, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.

The developer has also shared a few images of the game in development, which you can check out in the gallery below.

You can buy Africight on Amazon, or download it here.

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