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The Latest on Africa’s growing garment sector

RWE AG’s Africa division announced today that it will start manufacturing the country’s largest solar panel array on Wednesday, bringing the total capacity of the project to 1,000 megawatts.

The company expects to generate $3 billion in annual revenue from the project.

The project is part of a $100 billion plan to build new solar power plants in the continent.

The solar panel arrays will also provide energy for some of Africa’s biggest hospitals, according to the African Development Bank.

RWE says the panels will be installed by 2025 and generate 1.3 million megawatt hours of power.

Rethink Africa is the largest solar energy company in the world, with a fleet of solar power projects in 24 countries and operations in 25 countries.

The global company is a leader in the solar industry with projects in South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia.

Africa is Africa’s second-largest economy and is home to a vast population of 8.2 billion people.

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