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How did Africa fare in the Olympics?

Africa won four gold medals at the Summer Games in Rio, but the continent is in the midst of a massive famine that has left tens of millions of people in need of humanitarian aid.

Here’s what you need to know.


Africa is in a famine 1.1 million people are living on less than $1.25 a day, according to the UN. 2.

More than 6 million people in Africa have died of starvation since the start of the famine, and at least half a million of those are children.


More African countries have been struck by extreme weather than any other in the world, according the UN, with more than 1,000 deaths each day.


More people have died in floods, wildfires and other natural disasters in Africa than in any other region.


Nearly one in five African people will need aid from the World Food Programme, the charity says.


In the most severe drought in Africa’s history, more than 70 per cent of the continent’s population has been affected by food insecurity.


At least 7.6 million people still live in extreme poverty, including nearly 200,000 in sub-Saharan Africa.


African leaders are increasingly frustrated at the lack of progress and the poor economic performance of the region’s political leaders.


Many African leaders have accused the US of trying to sabotage the Games.


There is growing concern that the US is planning to send in troops to Africa to help the African Union in its efforts to build a new security force.


Despite these crises, Africa is still in a period of transition and growth.


In some African countries, the Olympics have become a platform for political protest, with protests in many cities and towns.

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