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African Arts and Crafts Gallery Afrikaans-themed clothing store opens in Perth

Afrikaans-themed clothing store opens in Perth

A new Afrikaan-themed fashion store has opened in Perth.

The AfrikaANCraft store at North Adelaide Street is named after the Afrikaasan language, and will be selling items inspired by the African culture.

Owner Kari Kessel says the store is a place for people to feel a little bit of Afrikaana, or to buy things like traditional Afrikaanse clothes, scarves, hats and scarves.

“You can buy Afrikaand clothing here.

We’re trying to get into the Afrikaner community,” she said.”

I feel a connection to Afrikans and to Afrikaander culture and the culture of the South African people, which is very important to me.””

The Afrikany people have really had a great life.

I want to share that with the Africk community.”

It’s really a little of what Afrikaands is about.

“She says she hopes the store will bring a new perspective to the way people shop in Perth, and the way they shop in South Africa.”

We have the biggest Afrikand community in the world, and we’re just not represented here,” she explained.”

They’re not represented in Perth.

“The Africk Community Council president, Dr David Ebeling, said the store was an important first step in a broader Afrikanian-related retail chain.”

There are so many things that we have to be thinking about, including the economy of the city and the need for the Afriasians to come here and be part of our community,” he said.

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