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Arts and crafts store owners are worried that they may have been unfairly targeted by the Israeli authorities as the latest in a string of attacks on Israeli shops in recent months.

The stores, in various locations around the country, are also a popular tourist attraction, but are not always in good shape.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the owner of a store in the Old City of Jerusalem told the paper that Israeli authorities were targeting the stores because they are known for their quality.

“The police said they wanted to prevent people from visiting these stores, and so they are going after them with these threats,” the store owner said.

“In the past, the police were targeting these stores with no problems.

But now the police are trying to get rid of us.

It’s not just the security agencies who are attacking these shops.

It is also the people in the neighborhood who have not been able to shop in the last few years.

They are afraid.”

“There are several shops in the area that have been targeted and they are closing their doors.

It makes us feel really sad.

We have lost all the time and now we are afraid to go out at night.”

The store owner did not provide further details on the number of attacks.

“We do not know what the Israeli security forces are doing to us, but we have received threats,” he said.

According a recent report by the Jerusalem Center for Policy and Survey Research, about 1,200 shops were attacked by the Israel Security Agency between October and June, compared to more than 500 in all of 2016.

According the report, the attacks were carried out mainly by plainclothes policemen, but also by undercover Israeli officers and by soldiers of the Palestinian Authority.

While it is not clear what the motive was behind the attacks, the center’s director, Gideon El-Bakki, told Al Jazeera that the attacks targeted the stores as a way to make them more difficult to shop.

“When we opened a shop, the owners were very happy and welcomed us,” he explained.

“They were not happy with the fact that we did not have a security guard at the door, and they wanted us to open a shop with a security check.

It was a way for them to harass us.

This is the only way to keep the shop open.

The police and security forces also attack the stores for this reason.”

“In addition to the threats against the stores, there is also an increased number of police arrests, as the police often raid shops with the aim of taking the money they are trying get from the shopkeepers.

It also happens that they arrest people who are just trying to protect their property and they leave their property behind,” he added.

The owner of the Art and Craft stores said that he had been targeted in a series of attacks in the past.

“I have received a lot of threats from the security services,” he told Al-Jazeera.

“But we have also received threats from police who came to our shop.

The threats are so real that we have been forced to close our store.”

He said that his business had been attacked twice before, and he did not expect any more attacks in light of the increased security measures being put in place.

“There is nothing wrong with us, except that we are located in a place that has a lot more than 10,000 people,” he commented.

“As long as the Israeli government doesn’t attack us, there will be no problems.”

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