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African Arts and Crafts News Trump’s Afro-American retail strategy: Buyers can buy everything, even their own clothes

Trump’s Afro-American retail strategy: Buyers can buy everything, even their own clothes

POLITICO Magazine – March 9, 2019 06:03:54President Donald Trump’s strategy for selling his retail strategy will be built around his “Afro-Americas,” according to a newly released report from the U.S. Census Bureau.

The Trump team’s strategy will emphasize a focus on African-American buyers, according to the report released Tuesday.

“The president and his team have been working hard to ensure that the African-Americans of America are the ones buying everything,” said Mark Bittman, chief economist for The Bipartisan Policy Center.

“This strategy is the one they have been building for months.”

The Trump strategy calls for the retail store to include an array of African-themed merchandise, including “Africana” clothing and jewelry, apparel, accessories and “Africa” clothing, according the report.

Trump’s focus on black-owned businesses has been an area of focus for his presidency, as the White House has made a number of efforts to expand the supply chain of American businesses.

In March, Trump signed an executive order to “revisit and expand” the U-Haul trucking program to bring African-owned companies to the United States.

At the same time, Trump is seeking to build an African-focused apparel business, to create an African American-owned “Afropolitan” clothing brand, and to diversify the company’s portfolio.

He is also looking to boost the retailing business of African American businesses, to bring more American brands to the market.

Since the start of the 2020 census, there have been a total of 11.6 million black Americans in the U, according Census Bureau data.

African-American consumers account for roughly 16% of the U’s total retail business, but they make up just 5% of its population, according Bitt, who noted that Trump has targeted African-Americans for his retail efforts, including in his presidential campaign.

Trump’s strategy comes at a time when the U is facing an economy that has been devastated by the recession, the worst in decades.

It has also sparked controversy as Trump has taken credit for helping spur the economic recovery.

According to Bitts analysis, the retail strategy is part of a broader effort by Trump and his administration to expand commerce in the United the Black community.

Bitt said he believes that Trump is targeting African Americans for his shopping and commerce strategies.

I think he is building a strategy around African Americans to build a lot of momentum and increase the demand for African- American businesses and retailers, Bitt said.

Some of the products that the president has proposed to bring to the country are the same ones that the stores will sell.

A lot of them will be African-made, which is a key part of the African American economy, Bitchman said.

He added that the Trump administration is also building out its efforts to improve the quality of American life, by expanding the number of community colleges, investing in apprenticeships, expanding the availability of apprenticeships to black-collar workers and expanding the apprenticeship programs that have been created.

While the Trump team is focused on the retail stores, the White Houses economic strategy is also being put to the test as the Trump White House continues to struggle with a $15 minimum wage, the expiration of the Obamacare healthcare law, and the closure of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

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