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What’s next for e-commerce platform Afriva?

Afrivas e-Commerce platform, which launched in January 2017, has raised over $500m in venture capital funding and is set to launch its third product in 2017.

The platform is an online store, with the aim of enabling customers to purchase goods in bulk from its e-tailers.

Afr is also set to release its mobile app in the second half of this year, which will allow customers to buy goods and services from Afrs e-shop, through their smartphones.

The company’s chief executive officer, Ravi Kalaa, recently said that Afr’s vision was to offer a “complete e-world experience”.

He said that the aim is to give customers the freedom to shop wherever they want, and that Afrivas e-store would also provide them with an e-payment option, which is currently a “bulk buyer”.

He also hinted that Afridas ecommerce platform would be able to handle the growing e-mobility and digitalisation of the market.

Kalaa said that it is difficult to create a market where e-buyers have to go through Afrida, the largest e-wallet in the world.

He said that this was an important step for the future of the e-tailing industry, which would enable customers to “buy anything” and “sell anything”.

He added that Afria was the only e-banking platform that had successfully taken on the big e-business, with a focus on e-currencies.

He also said that he hoped that Afro-Africa would become an ecommerce hub for South Africa.

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