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How to turn your LinkedIn profile into a ‘marketing platform’

Business Insider has launched a new product aimed at getting businesses to leverage their own LinkedIn profiles to build new sales opportunities.

The new platform, called LinkedIn Market, allows businesses to create a ‘brand’ on LinkedIn that will automatically show up on search results when people search for things they might want to buy.

It will also offer a ‘customers marketplace’ for brands to sell their products to customers who do not already have a LinkedIn profile.

“For example, if you want to market your new products, you can create a brand and then, when someone searches for your brand, they will see a link to a list of products that they can purchase from you,” said Adam Leighton, the senior marketing manager at LinkedIn Market.

Companies that use the LinkedIn Market platform will also be able to track their customers, including when they have been to their business and when they’ve bought a product.

LinkedIn is already offering a number of marketing tools to businesses.

For example it offers a ‘dashboard’, which allows businesses and brands to see how much money they have raised in the past 24 hours.

Leighton said: “The Dashboard will show you the money you’ve made in the last 24 hours and what percentage of it was paid out in cash and the balance in shares.”

The platform also allows businesses or brands to create content on LinkedIn to share on their social media platforms.

“If you want your business to have more engagement, you will need to do more work on your LinkedIn,” Leighton said.

“You may want to do some of the work that your business normally does and create some content, but you don’t want to be the first to do that.”

LinkedIn Market is being developed by a company called HubSpot, which is also the parent company of Facebook, which recently announced it would be buying the social network for $1.25 billion.

While the platform is available in the US, Leighton added: “It’s available to anyone who wants to get started.

There’s an app that you can get in the app store that will allow you to integrate with LinkedIn and make it work on the platform.”

Users will also need to sign up for LinkedIn Premium to be able see their own profiles and receive messages from other users.

One of the features of LinkedIn Market is a ‘channel builder’ that lets businesses create and manage their own channels to get their message out to potential customers.

This will be a great tool for businesses who are looking to build an audience, said Leighton.

But, as Leighton pointed out, “You can also get paid to use the platform for advertising, but the revenue is going to be limited to the content that you create and the amount of traffic you get.”

“It’s still very early days in terms of how the platform will work and you’re still working on integrating it with Facebook and other platforms.”

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