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NFL players’ new NFL store launches in South Africa

NFL players and their coaches are opening a new store in South African territory in what is being billed as the biggest e-commerce initiative in the world.

Ahead of the launch, NFL Players’ Association CEO Scott Miller told reporters the store would be located in KwaZulu-Natal and would feature the team’s signature gear and apparel.

It will include the team jersey and apparel, as well as an exclusive NFL store.

The store is expected to open in March.

The first store in the new zone is expected in March, Miller said.

The company has been in talks with other African countries about opening stores there, he added.

The new store will be a hub for fans and sponsors in the region, Miller added.

The league is also expected to expand its presence in the country in the coming months.

“This is an exciting opportunity for fans of the NFL to come to South Africa to support the NFL and to be part of the league’s success in the African continent,” Miller said in a statement.

“Our players will be able to bring their fans into the new store, where they can shop and purchase merchandise, while our fans can enjoy a great shopping experience.”

The store is part of a global expansion plan by the NFLPA that includes a number of other initiatives, including a new partnership with Samsung that will help the NFL become the “global leader in mobile technology,” the league said.

Miller and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell have both spoken about the need to expand in Africa and in the global race to develop more and more technology.

The NFLPA said it was pleased to announce the store, which will also serve as the official headquarters of the team, and would serve as a destination for fans to visit, learn and interact with its players.

The company will have a team store and a corporate store with apparel, accessories and a video lounge, it added.

It is the latest effort by the league to expand globally.

Last year, the NFL signed a contract to sell sponsorship in South Korea, and last year the league added a mobile video lounge and a stadium video lounge in Johannesburg.

Miller told reporters in the US in January that the league plans to have a presence in South Sudan, a country that is split between the South African government and the South Sudanese rebel group known as the People’s Liberation Army.

The NBA is also working on a deal with an Indian conglomerate to sell its jerseys to fans in India.

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