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How the NFL will continue to create opportunities for African Americans

The NFL is committed to bringing the most talented and dedicated players from around the world to our Nation’s Capital to help shape the future of the game.

But our mission and vision is not limited to the NFL.

Our focus is on all of our fans, our communities and our Nation.

We know the world has changed, and we will continue our journey to become the greatest sports league on the planet.

The NFL has the opportunity to continue to empower the next generation of athletes in our community.

Through this process, we can ensure the next generations of African Americans have the opportunity and opportunity to participate in the NFL that has helped build their futures.

It is our responsibility to work collaboratively with the communities we serve to build a more diverse NFL, one that celebrates the diversity of all Americans, not just the white one.

In 2017, we will be unveiling our Vision 2025, the blueprint for the next chapter of our success as the world’s largest and most successful sports league.

We will be launching a $250 million, six-year strategic plan to invest in the future, including in communities of color, where the NFL can reach out and invest in talent.

The plan also includes the creation of an African American Advisory Council to help guide our leadership and growth.

In this plan, we are making clear that our goal is to help create a football community that celebrates diversity and inclusion, while empowering all of the people who live in our communities.

Our vision for the future includes: Building a network of African American community leaders to provide leadership, resources and knowledge to help build a world-class football league and an environment that is inclusive of African-American and Latino communities in the Nation’s capital.

Engaging with sports, community organizations and sports and culture leaders to identify ways we can build and strengthen our partnerships to further the mission of the NFL, which is to be the leader of the sports world and the catalyst for social and economic change in communities across the country.

Ensuring that the Nation continues to be a world leader in the fight against HIV and AIDS, while also creating an environment where African Americans, Latinos and women can participate fully in our sports and communities and have access to the opportunities they deserve.

Ensulating that we continue to be inclusive of all our communities by increasing diversity in our game, our coaching, our facilities and our leadership.

Creating opportunities for the community to create their own sports teams and arenas, and investing in their development.

Promoting a culture of inclusion in all of its aspects, from training to the playing field.

Promising to continue supporting and developing the Black Professional Football League (BPPL), the professional African American professional football league in America, as well as the African American and Latino youth leagues, and other youth-serving leagues, as we continue our long-term mission to create a world class football league for African-Americans.

We also know that our success is built on the progress that our community makes.

It takes the courage and determination of our young men and women, and it will continue until the very end.

The following is a snapshot of the progress we have made and the vision for a future where we can all be part of the future.

First, the plan for Vision 2025: We are committed to building the NFL into a world champion.

In order to make this vision a reality, we need to create an organization that is both the right fit for the National Football League and the right one for African American communities across America.

It will be the first of many steps to create the NFL to represent the values of equality and inclusion.

It would be a mistake to think that the NFL is the only institution in America that is built to be successful.

Many other organizations have done incredible work to achieve great things.

We are here to continue the legacy of the past, to bring the best of our sports to our communities, and to inspire the next wave of athletes.

We must build a football league that respects and honors all of us, regardless of our race, color, creed, national origin, gender identity or sexual orientation.

We believe that the future is all about the people.

That’s why we will invest in communities, sports and cultures that celebrate and include everyone.

The vision of the Vision 2025 includes: A multi-year investment to create and expand our African American Community Engagement Council.

This is an independent, inter-sectoral and national partnership of organizations across the United States and around the globe.

This council will be charged with helping to advance the mission, vision and values of the National Basketball Association, the National Hockey League and other sports.

This includes developing and supporting our national and regional African American leagues and providing leadership to build and enhance these programs.

It also includes developing a global partnership to build partnerships between African American sports and other organizations.

It includes creating a partnership with the National Association of Black Journalists, which will help to create better access to information and opportunities for our Nation to participate. This

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