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How the #PizzaGate saga is shaping the future of online shopping: What will the fallout be?

By now you probably know what happened last night when Reddit’s r/Pizzagate subreddit took down the post of a man who claimed he had seen Comet Ping Pong pizzeria owner James Alefantis on the night of the alleged sexual assault.

The post was deleted in a matter of hours.

Reddit’s admins, under the direction of /u/snowman, who had been the person responsible for deleting the original post, claimed that the post was a “hate speech” and that it “should be deleted”.

The decision came after months of discussion about what, exactly, constitutes a “true story” and how to protect the Reddit community from the kind of sensationalism that was seen last night.

So, what exactly did Reddit do?

In its explanation, the site says that it decided to remove the post because of “an overwhelming number of positive comments” and because of the “clearly false” nature of the claim.

And, it goes on to note that there was “zero evidence” of a sexual assault at Comet Ping, despite the fact that the restaurant is “one of the most popular pizza places in Washington, DC”.

So, let’s take a look at the arguments made by the subreddit’s admins.

Let’s start with the most obvious.

The subreddit’s “claim” is that a man named James Aleffantis posted a message to a Reddit user, asking them to take down a post from a pizzeria on the date of the incident.

Reddit claims that Alefants message was a response to a request from the user, and that the user then responded with “I think it’s pretty obvious that this post is false”.

But that’s not what happened.

Reddit claimed that James Aleffeantis wrote a message in the form of a “subreddit message” to the person asking them, saying that the pizza restaurant had no record of the sexual assault in question.

So Reddit was wrong to remove that post.

The user, /u/_Kai_, responded to Reddit’s response by pointing out that Aleffans post was not a “message” but rather a comment made by a Reddit admin.

So what is a comment?

The term “comment” refers to the content of a post, and a post is a post if it contains text.

It can also be used to refer to a specific item of text, or even a collection of posts.

A comment is usually an item of content in a subreddit that has been submitted to a site that then posts it in that subreddit.

The Reddit admin that deleted the post said that the “message in question is actually a link to an archived post by an account that claims to have knowledge of the Comet Pizza incident and was the original poster of that message.”

It appears, therefore, that Reddit did not delete the post, but simply deleted the user who submitted it.

And what is archived?

Reddit says that an archived comment can be up to five words long, and it has been found to be a common place where a Reddit account can create a comment that is at least as long.

So a user can post a comment and have it be archived in one of Reddit’s popular communities.

It is not clear from the post that the Reddit admin who deleted the Reddit post had access to any of the archived posts.

The question then becomes: what happened to the deleted comment?

/u/-kai_ replied to the post by asking the reddit admins whether the deleted post was an actual comment or just a comment from the person that posted it.

The admins replied that they would not be able to comment on it until the admins “take a look” at it.

So it seems that /u/.kai_.kai is a Reddit administrator, but is he a Reddit moderator?

And what happens next?

/r/pizzagate has been discussing the status of the deleted Reddit post, asking questions about whether it was deleted because of an archived thread, whether it is still up on the subreddit, and whether it has any relevance to the original Reddit post.

There is no way to tell whether Reddit admins deleted the deleted posts because they have some knowledge of them or because they are not aware of them.

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